Relational Practice


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A free information session for social service practitioners

This session is open to social service practitioners registered with SACSSP.

Social workers & social auxiliary workers – accredited by SACSSP for 1.5 CPD

Child & youth care workers – accredited by SACSSP for 3 CPD


This session will explore the background and rationale for a relational approach to working with children and young people. Relational work is a practice paradigm that is found in social work and CYC work and can serve to unify practitioners from both professions in their work with children and young people.

Some of the themes and discussion points include:

  • Shifting paradigm from a behavioural to a relational focus
  • Shifting from a focus on techniques and skills to a focus on a way of being in relation to others
  • Shifting from having relationships with children to being in relationships with children
  • “…the in-between between us…” – Thom Garfat
  • Meaning-making and moments of mattering
  • An approach that is inherently trauma-informed
  • Characteristics of relational practice
  • The relationship as the intervention
  • “…not only a very different perspective; it is a different pathway, across a very different terrain, in search of a very different destination…” – Gerry Fewster

Terms and Conditions

Please take note of the terms and conditions that apply for this information session:

  • Limited space is available in the Zoom session
  • The session will also be streamed live on Facebook on the page @CPD4U where anyone may participate. However, only Zoom attendees will qualify for CPD points.
  • A CPD certificate will only be issued for full attendance and participation. This means that you need to be present in the Zoom session for the full 2 hour duration of the session and must remain on camera for the full duration. It is therefore critical to test your internet connection before attending and ensure that you can compensate for load shedding.
  • The Zoom room will be locked 5 minutes after starting time. After this time, no-one will be able to enter. Participants who are not on camera will also be removed from the room and will not be able to enter again as the room will be locked.
  • This is a free session, but space is limited. When you register, you take a space in the session. If you are unable to attend, please be considerate of others and inform the facilitator that you will not be able to attend so that your space can be made available again. Registering for the session but not attending is unprofessional. Please be considerate to your colleagues and only register if you are committed to attending.


Registration will open soon.


Werner van der Westhuizen is a social worker who adopts a Relational approach and works towards unifying social workers and child and youth care workers in this approach to provide quality care and services for children and young people.