Are you tired of the same old theories?  Perhaps it is time to learning something new and exciting that will add a radically different perspective to your approach of clients.  

The two-day workshop on Value Systems & Change will be available in 2020 and is approved by SACSSP for 10 CPD for social workers.  This workshop is currently offered online via Zoom.

What is Spiral Dynamics?

Spiral Dynamics, also the Graves Model, is a model of the development of value and thinking systems in humans.  Everyone has a view of the world, the lenses through which they interpret everything they experience and that shapes how they think about things.  Their behaviour is a response to their perceptions, and their perceptions are shaped by their worldview – their value system.

According to the Graves Model, people transition through different value systems developmentally and in sequence, much like with other models of development.  However, not everyone will transition through every stage in the spiral.

The Graves model provides a way of understanding people and why they do the things they do, and therefore also a meta-model for strategies for change from micro to macro level.

One special feature of the model is that it provides a useful model for assessment of client systems on micro, mezzo and macro level.

While the Graves model may not be a mainstream theory taught in social work schools, it certainly adds another dimension to understanding people and systems.  In the context of this workshop it is suggested that the principles of Graves model can be used complementary to the existing and more traditional social work theory and models.

What to know more?  Have a look at this Youtube Video

What will you learn in this workshop?

  • The Graves Model / Principles of Spiral Dynamics, as applied to social work
  • The role of life conditions in determining the worldview of people
  • How and why people change – or don’t change
  • How to help client’s decide what kind of change is right for them
  • Using the principles of this model in assessing client systems and developing an intervention strategy
  • Applications to areas such as parenting, relationships, couples, teams, communities, and more.

Who can attend?

This workshop is for registered social workers.  It contains a lot of new material and requires that participants will engage very actively during the workshop.

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