Social service and other helping professionals strive to deliver the best possible services to their client base. This is a demanding role and requires them to remain at the cutting edge of social technology.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, workshops are now available and presented online via Zoom.

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The following CPD-approved training workshops are available for social service professionals (and other helping professionals):

Many social service and counselling practitioners are nervous about working with clients who experience suicidal thoughts or who have indicated to made attempts at suicide. However, it is inevitable that suicide will feature in a discussion with a client sooner or later, and it should be sooner rather than later. This 2-day workshop provides an overview of suicide as a phenomenon and the many myths surrounding it. Participants learn how to assess the risk of suicide and how to have open and productive conversations with their clients around their suicidal thoughts. For more information about this workshop or to register, click here.

Almost every client that will be encountered in the context of social services and counselling have been exposed to some form of trauma and many of them struggle with the negative effects of post-traumatic stress. This 2-day workshop provides practitioners with the knowledge and skills to provide immediate support following recent traumatic events, as well as provide counselling services for those who experience a complicated recovery from trauma.  For more information about this workshop click here.

Social service professionals are more at risk from experiencing client violence than most other professional groups. Working with at-risk populations should not mean that the practitioner is at risk for becoming a victim of violence. This 1-day workshop teaches participants how to conduct safe office and home interviews, how to create safer work environments, how to de-escalate conflict and how to predict and prevent client violence.  For a free copy of safety guidelines for social service workers click here.

Spiral Dynamics is something different! This 2-day workshop introduces participants to the basic concepts of Spiral Dynamics, a model for understanding the value systems that shape and drive the behaviour of people and groups.  For more information, click here.

Development Assessment and IDPs is a workshop for social workers and child & youth care workers that teaches simple and easy ways to conduct assessments and develop individual development plans (IDP) for clients.  For more information, click here or on the picture above.

A 2-day workshop for social workers and other professionals working with children and youth.  The workshop will focus on (1) assessment of children and therapeutic interventions such as (2) play therapy, (3) sandtray therapy and (4) group interactive art therapy.  For more information about the costs and bookings, click here to jump to the Facebook page.

A 3-day workshop focusing on a child and youth care approach to working with children and young people. The aim of the workshop is to help adults to look beyond the behaviour of children in order to address underlying emotional and psychological needs that drive their behaviour in order to help children connect safely with the adults in their lives and meet their needs through effective behaviours.  For more detailed information, click here.

Supervision is a critical professional task of social workers and child & youth care workers. This 2-day workshop not only teaches the basic methods and skills of supervision, but also provides an overview of the most important managerial and leadership tasks that these professionals face.  For more detailed information, click here.

Reality therapy is a practical approach to counselling. In this 2-day workshop, participants learn the basic principles of this approach and have the opportunity to practice their new skills.  For more information about this workshop, please click here.

Working with groups is an excellent way of reaching more people.  However, group is not simply individual work with more people; it has its own dynamics and processes and to be effective a facilitator needs to understand the group work process and have the necessary facilitation skills.  This 2-day workshop provides an overview of the most important aspects of group facilitation, basic facilitation skills and templates for the development of support groups and personal growth groups.


TransformAction International Consulting & Training is the company of Thom Garfat (Canada), Leon Fulcher (New Zealand) and John Digney (Ireland).  They have over a hundred years of experience in working with young people, their families and those who care in a wide variety of different settings and countries.

“The Purposeful Use of Daily Life Events, commonly referred to as DLE, is designed to help direct care practitioners become more effective in daily interactions with young people and families. Through a focus on everyday events and how these events connect to the overall goals established with young people and/or families, the direct care practitioner adopts a more pro-active approach in her/his interventions. DLE offers the potential to make every moment with young people and families more meaningful.”

If you would like more information, click here to open the TransformAction International website.