Training Workshop: Reality Therapy

Rationale for the workshop

In order to provide effective counselling, it is important for the counsellor to possess an effective skill-set as well as a framework or strategy.  Counselling skills such as active listening, empathy, challenging and exploration drive the counselling process forward, but having a strategy provides direction for the process.  Reality therapy provides a simple and practical strategy for counselling, based on a developmental and strength-based view of people.


Reality Therapy (an integrated approach) is a 2-day workshop for social service professionals.  Application has been made for CPD accreditation with SACSSP and the outcome is currently pending.


The cost is calculated individually for each workshop and is dependent on venue and additional costs such as catering.  Manuals are included in the cost and include both a hard copy as well as electronic handouts.  For a quotation, please contact me.

Programme Content

The content of the programme include the following:

  • Choice theory
  • Principles of reality therapy
  • The therapeutic context
  • Interventions
  • Style, language and communication
  • Ethical considerations
  • Various techniques