Despite the fact that social workers often encounter clients who have thoughts of suicide, many still feel ill-equipped to respond to suicide and help clients with suicide ideation.  In order to respond effectively, the practitioner needs to conduct a comprehensive assessment that determines the risk of suicide so that decisions can be made regarding the safety of the client as well as the treatment direction.  The decisions that are made need to be based on reliable information and the workshop focuses on helping social worker gather information that is comprehensive and reliable.

Next workshop starts 9 March 2021. The workshop is presented in 2-hour sessions that take place over two weeks, so that participants can continue with their work and other commitments while attending. To register, click here.

The workshop is presented over six, 2-hour sessions from 11h00 – 13h00 on the following dates: 9, 10, 11, 16, 17 & 18 March 2021. Participants have to attend all six sessions in order to complete the course.

This workshop aims to help participants development competence in performing a suicide risk assessment, confidence in their ability to work with suicidal clients and comfort in having difficult conversations with clients.

The workshop will cover the following content:

  • Understanding suicide as personal and social phenomenon
  • Identifying risk and protective factors associated with suicide
  • New interviewing skills to uncover sensitive information around suicidal thoughts
  • Assessing the risk of suicide in a comprehensive manner
  • Documenting work with suicidal clients
  • Making ethical and safe decisions

The workshop was designed with social workers in mind, but will be equally valuable to other people helpers who provide counselling or work with clients where suicide ideation may be present.

This workshop is approved by SACSSP for 9 CPD. Participants receive an electronic copy of the workshop notes and an electronic certificate upon completion. CPD points can only be awarded for full attendance and participation.

Cost for the workshop is R550 per person.

The nature of the material covered is sensitive and participants should take note discussions will cover topics such as suicide, death, trauma, abuse and other sensitive topics.  It is important that each participant takes responsibility for their own mental well-being during the workshop, but also alert the facilitator should they experience discomfort. 

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