Clients must enter into a service agreement with the provider (Werner v.d. Westhuizen) which stipulates the terms and conditions of the services to be rendered.  Before such an agreement is reached and concluded in writing, there is no practitioner-client relationship.  All social work services are regulated by the South African Council for Social Service Professions and the provider adheres to the Code of Conduct and Ethics of the SACSSP.

Some services offered by the provider are not social work services and therefore not regulated by SACSSP.  This includes certain consulting and training services that are not social work related.  The use of hypnosis for non-therapy purposes is also not regulated by SACSSP.

No direct social work services are offered to the public via Facebook or any other social media platform and all communications made via these platforms are not regarded as confidential.  The provider can offer no guarantee regarding the privacy, confidentiality of safety of communications via social media platforms.