Welcome. Here you will find the latest notices and information about the workshop that you are currently attending. This is a temporary page and will only be available for a short while – while you are attending this workshop. Please check back here often. Critical information will be sent to all participants via e-mail, but e-mail can fail to delivery for many reasons – this is a backup method of communication.

Evaluation: After the last session of your workshop, you must complete an evaluation form and e-mail it back to werner@changeworks.co.za. This must preferable be completed in your own handwriting and scanned (although, if not possible, any copy will be accepted). The deadline for this evaluation form is 7 days after the last session. The evaluation form is a pre-requisite in order to qualify for CPD points and receive a certificate. If the evaluation form is not completed and submitted within 7 days of the last training session, no certificate will be issued and no further evaluation forms will be accepted. You can find copies of the evaluation forms below: