Guided imagery is the process whereby the counsellor guides the client to enhance their own natural healing processes through visualisation and experiences that are unique to them. Guided Imagery is often also called guided visualisation or guided meditation.

Guided Imagery has a strong history as a complementary treatment approach for people with chronic diseases, such as cancer. It is an approach that focuses on the whole person, not only the symptoms of disease and it helps people to find healing and wholeness in the midst of hopelessness and helplessness. Apart from its historic use with illness, it is a useful method that has application with almost any client where there is a psychological component to their condition – and that is every client. For the purpose of this workshop, we will limit our exploration of Guided Imagery to stress-related difficulties and the use of Guided Imagery to induce deep relaxation for a parasympathethic response in the nervous system. With the basic skills from this workshop, the practitioner can continue to expand their knowledge and skills to apply Guided Imagery with a growing range of client difficulties. 

This online workshop will provided the participant with a practical introduction to Guided Imagery with the goal of enhancing skills to use this method with a wide range of client systems. The participant can look forward to receiving an overview of guided imagery and the evidence for its effectiveness, before focusing on the method itself and some of the practical skills that are needed to effectively use Guided Imagery.

Some of the content included rapport building skills such as Pacing & Leading, Representation Systems and Eye Accessing Cues. Language plays a big role in the effectiveness of Guided Imagery and participants will consider not only the words they use, but the entire delivery, including the impact of negation and binds.

Participants will have the opportunity to practice their skills between sessions and report back on their experiences where they can receive feedback and support to further improve their skills. Participants will also be introduced to the use of scripts and delivering Guided Imagery sessions without scripts using a utilization approach.

It must be mentioned that this workshop is introductory in nature and cannot provide a detailed exploration of Guided Imagery as a comprehensive approach; however, the focus is on practical use of skills with less emphasis on theory. Participants will gain knowledge and skills that will allow them to conduct Guided Imagery sessions with their clients.

The workshop is a blended approach of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. Participants attend live sessions online (via Zoom or Meet) and practice the skills they learn between sessions. Each session introduces new material and skills, and also provides an opportunity for feedback from participants to refine their skills.

This workshop is not currently approved for CPD points. Participants will receive worksheets and recommended materials for further study.


2 & 9 March 2022, 18h00 – 20h30


R350 (this is an introductory offer that will not be repeated)


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