Rationale for this workshop

Responding effectively to the challenging behaviour of children is a challenge in itself.  It requires an understanding of the purpose of behaviour, a certain skill-set for responding and a specific attitude with which to approach the complex and diverse contexts within which children’s behaviour must be understood.

Too often the focus remains on dealing with the behaviour, with little emphasis on the dynamics beyond the behaviour.  An iceberg floating in the ocean has only its tip visible, with the largest part of the ice hidden below the surface.  Similarly, children’s behaviour can be seen as the tip of the iceberg; there is a lot going on beneath the surface.  If the deeper dynamics of child behaviour is missed, interventions will almost always have temporary success at best and may even do harm in the long run.


Beyond Behaviour is a 3-day workshop for social development professionals, but can be equally useful to other professionals working with children, such as educators.  This workshop is currently available online via Zoom.


The cost is calculated individually for each workshop and is dependent on venue and additional costs such as catering.  Manuals are included in the cost and include both a hard copy as well as electronic handouts.  For a quotation, please e-mail werner@changeworks.co.za

Programme and Content

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Normal and abnormal behaviour
  • Child development
  • Childhood adversity and trauma
  • Assessing children (social work and child & youth care perspectives)
  • A life-space approach to interventions
  • Expressive and creative interventions
  • Positive child guidance
  • Responding to challenging behaviour
  • Bullying